Wordtronix = Machines created by words.

Software has now replaced most of the little gadgets you used to have around the house. Everything from a flash light to a camera to an alarm clock is now housed in a small glass and and plastic shell currently warming your pocket. And since soft machines now run the world, I consider myself lucky to be a soft machine engineer.

I began my computing career while looking for a universal language. My goal was to find some depiction of characters and symbols that could be ubiquitous across continents and even worlds. Luckily for me some very smart people had a similar idea. Leibniz claimed that the Chinese had first descovered binary as a way to represent the 8 trigrams of the i-ching or the bagua. And only a few hundred years later, we use 0 and 1 to speak for us in every dialect. We express every human sense with it. The computer was born from wars and espionage, and from mathematical theories. And now the Von Neumann architected cpu gives us a pocket sized Universal Turing Machine. Thanks John and Alan.

Also, Special thanks to all the nerds at Bell Labs who created unix. And all the nerds at MIT and later FSF for creating emacs , gcc, ... too many to enumerate.

Unix/Linux commands i love.

$ tail -f < logFile > | grep "someword"

$ find ./ -type f | sed -i 's/oldword/newword/g'